What do you possess, that without your contribution in the earth there would be a void that would cause people to miss a piece of life?  All Ministers should preach, teach, have events and help people; but what specifically do you offer to the Body of Christ that is special, unique and answers the people's prayers to God? Every Minister and their ministry must offer something to humanity that makes them necessary.  Every Entrepreneur and their business must offer something that makes life easier or greater for people.   

I believe I have the right answers to these questions and will address the challenges that stem from them.  Through the ministries listed below, I can help you identify and see who God created you to be, raise you up to boldly and confidently walk in it and then release you as an answer in a world full of questions and uncertainty.  

Timothy  E.  Craig - Apostle

Fire And Faith Ministries, Inc.

Fire and Faith Ministries, Inc (FFM) is the Apostolic, Prophetic Teaching And Healing Ministry of Timothy E. Craig and is the covering/umbrella entity of all outreach ministries listed below.  We have been Incorporated since 2007 and have been a 501 (c) (3) non profit religious organization since 2011.


We have churches, ministries, organizations and businesses that operate as DBA’s of FFM to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ through different streams. From Ministry to Mainstream to the Marketplace; the Vision of FFM and all of its entities are the same although they touch and reach different parts of society. That overall vision is to “Raise Prophetic People To Carry The Fire of God And Release The Faith of God To A New Generation.

We cover churches, ministries, businesses and the individuals who operate them. We also offer licensing, ordination, affirmation, consecrating, mentoring and church planting.

M.I.R.R.O.R International is not a fellowship, it is a divine covenant relationship comprised of men and women that commit themselves to the call of God, integrity, excellence, effectiveness in ministry and ministerial ethics.


The acronym M.I.R.R.O.R is intentional to encompass the following:


Mentor- The intentional teaching and instructing into one’s life designed for maturity in the anointing and the things of God.

Impart- The releasing of spiritual gifts, anointings, wisdom, instruction and skills into one’s life necessary for effectiveness in ministry.

Respect- The honoring of the anointing, gifting, call and assignment on one’s life necessary to bring them into divine destiny.

Raise- The rebuke, reproof, correction, instruction, encouragement, care, support and assistance one needs to grow and go forward spiritually.

Oversee- The spiritual watching and inspecting of one’s spiritual life and ministry for the purpose of guarding and protection; not invasion, control and lordship.

Release- The Apostolic and Prophetic act of sending mature, effective, anointed and called men and women by the Spirit of God to make an impact in their generation.

M.I.R.R.O.R International
The New Testament Encounter

The New Testament Encounter is an Apostolic assignment of Timothy Craig to the Body of Christ. Its purpose is to bring the “Church” back to the original blueprint of what Jesus purposed and intended it to be in function and operation. The “what” of the Church’s operation has not been lost, it’s the “how” the Church has functioned that has been lost and it is the restoration of the "how" that will ensure the glory of the latter house being returned to the Body of Christ.  


This is not just a restoration of the Church and it’s function but a restoration and revelation of the Ascension Gifts , The Saints and their functions. This will bring glory to The Father, reveal Christ Jesus, acknowledge the Holy Spirit and ultimately bringing in a harvest of souls and prepare the Saints for the rapture.


The FFM Wellness Ministry was established to care for, comfort, protect and perfect the body and soul of individuals currently dealing with physical and mental illnesses. We serve those entrusted to our care with the utmost level of respect and confidentiality.  We also take pride in maintaining the dignity and humanity of each individual. Our services include Respite Care, Counseling, Habilitation Care, Attentive Care.  We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

E2: Enterprise Ecosystem

E2: Enterprise Ecosystem is a prophetic gathering of emerging leaders who come together to be mentored, challenged, encouraged and ultimately built up as Christian professionals. An Enterprise is a project undertaken, especially one that is important or difficult that requires boldness or energy: An Ecosystem is a system, or a group of interconnected elements, formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with their environment. This network houses a generation of wise and mighty men and women who commit to master their craft and succeed in their sphere of influence. Every individual that is connected to this ecosystem is detrimental to its other counterparts and adds relevance, strength and power to the whole. We welcome ministers, entrepreneurs, athletes, executives, attorneys, entertainers and other professionals to connect with this ministry.

The purpose of E2 is to bring Christian professionals together for fellowship and serving one another and God.  They are comfortable and settled in knowing that they will be used by God outside of the church. Through ethics and excellence we will create an ecosystem of greatness that shines a light for Kingdom of God. Our impact will be undeniable.

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Jethro Consulting Group


Timothy Craig and his team have been anointed, trained and commissioned by God to serve the Body of Christ.  Just as Jethro came alongside Moses, we are prepared to come alongside you with the spirit of wisdom and counsel for your church. This will impact your leadership team, reinforce the professional arm of your ministry's administration, engage excellence in the execution of your vision and bring the understanding of serving to your helps ministry and volunteers.  We can help perfect the presentation of your audio/video/graphics ministry while strengthening the skills in the hands of those working in it.  We will provoke your praise & worship and music ministry in honing their gifts and knowing how to identify and release the sound that is tailored for your assignment.  Timothy Craig can assist in helping a church that is in a spiritual transition (changing of assignment or focus) or natural transition (changing of location or leadership).